Why I am not on Facebook

(... or Google+ or StudiVZ or other-social-network-site-of-the-day either)

There are countless texts explaining reasons for why their respective authors are not or not anymore on Facebook. I did not find one that matches my reasons and I do not want to waste more time searching, so here are mine:

  1. I do not want take part in (and thus indirectly advocate) closed-world online communities that are perverting all the openness that made the internet so great and big and useful. As seen somewhere on the internet:

    Facebook now stands as taking over a decade and a half of the dream of the World Wide Web and turning it into a miserable IT cube farm of pseudo human interaction, a bastardized form of e-mail, of mailing lists, of photo albums, of friendship.

  2. I do not want to maintain a public digital representation of my social connections.
    • I do not want to deal with the social overhead this creates. As examples, take deciding where I personally draw the "friend" line, communicating this decision to people, or dealing with the social fallout when not accepting "friend requests" or when "defriending" someone while cleaning up. Social issues can be complicated enough in real life, I do not need an online instance to make them more complicated.
    • I am not willing to invest the time to continuously keep it updated. Machines, and that includes computers, are supposed to help me reduce workload, not increase it.
    • It is not the business of most people on the planet which social connections I have.
  3. I do not want to transfer all my rights on material that I created myself (pictures, videos, words, ...) to some company for free just to be able to keep in touch with people through a particular channel.
  4. As seen somewhere else on the internet:

    If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold.

    I am not available for that. (Illustration.)

Feel free to use this list for whatever you like (CC BY-SA).